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“EMONOIZBOYZ” is an audio-visual live act trio bent on breaking the rules of genres, mixing and cutting up fresh sounds with the heavy weights of the past. Known for bringing 90s UK warehouse rave energy, Chicago house groove and hip hop DJing techniques to their musically and visually energetic live performances, their DJ sets blend original tracks with the finest of dance music backed by live visuals.

Hey Emil, Andrej Sabotage and Sicknico spent a night in jail together after they were caught painting in the streets and making art – they met as strangers but left as friends. This marked the beginning of their joint path in art and music.

They debuted in 2011 with the EP ‘Strangers around here’, and went on to produce numerous singles, tracks for other artists, remixes, recorded mixtapes and solo material. They killed it at hundreds of parties and festivals, including Pohoda Festival, Grape Festival and others.

These days they are working on new music continuing recent releases in 2020-2021.

30 nad 30 (feat. Idea)

Singel EMONOIZBOYZ – 30 nad 30 (feat. Idea) vyšiel 1, apríla 2021. Premiéra skladby bola vrámci rozhovoru v éteri Rádia_FM.Skladba je k dispozícií na vypočutie na digitálnych distibučných platformách.Autori  Hudba: EMONOIZBOYZ (Branislav Laho, Andrej Šabo) pôvodný názov skladby: Sarria    Text,rap: Idea (Josef Změlík), 

Z verejných zdrojov podporil fond na podporu umenia.